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Sunday, 24 October 2010


Tintypes! I found two tintypes amongst my family photographs, while I havnt got a photograph of them I have become inerested in the process. I have also seen them in films such as "Cold Mountain" I just like the look of them and the idea that they will last longer than normall photographs.

Whilst looking at the Tintype process I have been thinking about the idea that modern photographs arent cherished and treasured as much as old photographs; is this because our ancestors valued photographs more because they were rarer? And so we value what they valued? Whereas now we can print a photograph for mere pence, or just keep them digitally for free, meaning we produce more and more and they get less and less formal.

Above is just a picture I found of some old Tintypes, they are all formal photographs with just one subject, I like the man at the top in the hat.


  1. are these people your relatives?

  2. These ones arent they are just examples of tintypes, I havnt managed to get a photograph of my grandparents tintypes of my relatives yet as they live in wales!