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This is my blog for my first year journal on the Interacitve Arts course at the Manchester School of Art. I dont really know what to put on it so it will probably be a bit of everything, my work, work and things that inspire me and any ideas i might have.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Starting Point

This was just because I was in the mood to start taking some photographs even though it was done in the very tungsten light of my living room at night I think they have some potential. They are of my housemates Lauren and Natalie.

New Project Research

I have decided that I want to do a photography project, focusing on portraits mainly I think, and this is one photographer I found that I really like his work. He has a very graphic style and sense of fun to his photographs. His name is Joshua Black Wilkins and his lives in Nashville America.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Special Collections Childrens Books Research

Some pop up books for children I found in the library's Special Collections.

Birthday Pop up Card!

A Birthday Card I made that pops up. This has the extra support mechanism in the middle of the box shape to pull the sides out properly from a book I found in the library that my earlier improvised samples didnt have. It works much better.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Pop-Up Samples

Pop Up Books Pinocchio

I looked at pictures of pop up's but realised you couldnt work out how they were constructed untill you saw them move, so here are some videos I found on Youtube that helped me deconstruct them and make my own versions of the mechanisms.

Tutorial with sersha and hazel and Addams Family books idea

I had a half year reveiw the Hazel and Sersha and told them about my work. While they both liked my Mary Greg work and came up with some good ideas and perseption and tricking the audience to think  they were looking at a video of a real house when actually it was a dolls house; Sersha made a comment about my family album project asking why anyone but me would be interested in it, and this did make me think quite alot. They did however like the book I made and the idea of putting things into books and this got me thinking about books coming to life for the reader. I thought abou the sceen from The Addams Family Values where the books in the library litterally come to life, with a storm comming out of one of them, and how this has been used in other films such as Harry Potter. I think I am going to explore this idea and look at how I could make books come to life.

Charles Dickens Book

This is a book I made using the photographs I took over the christmas holidays. The idea behind it is that all photo albums tell stories using phtographs and all books tell stories using words so why not combine them. I found a copy of Charles Dickens christmas stories on a book stall and I had the idea to add another storey to the collection that was made up of photographs, the storey of my christmas day. I used the techniques of sewing the photographs in between asetate and then sewed them around the spine of the book so that neither is damages and you can still read the book. I think this idea has worked really well and I intend on making more of these.

White Winter in Waddington

Here are some winter photographs I also took on Christmas Day during a walk after dinner. With these I walked behind some of my family and tryed to include them in the photographs, I was trying to capture the essence of a white village christmas with the snow, ice and the christmas lights. I really like some of these photographs and I think with a bit of editing they could be interesting. 

family sewn photographs

 After making more album samples I was thinkin about different ways of frameing photographs, and I experimented with sewing them between two sheets of asetate so that they could be hung or sewn together to form a book without damageing the orinial photographs. To try this out I wanted a group of photographs that were related to each other in some way so I chose mine and my brother old embarrising school photographs!

photo samples, albums, sewing

Here are some more phto album samples I made using differnt techniques and materials.