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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Tutorial with sersha and hazel and Addams Family books idea

I had a half year reveiw the Hazel and Sersha and told them about my work. While they both liked my Mary Greg work and came up with some good ideas and perseption and tricking the audience to think  they were looking at a video of a real house when actually it was a dolls house; Sersha made a comment about my family album project asking why anyone but me would be interested in it, and this did make me think quite alot. They did however like the book I made and the idea of putting things into books and this got me thinking about books coming to life for the reader. I thought abou the sceen from The Addams Family Values where the books in the library litterally come to life, with a storm comming out of one of them, and how this has been used in other films such as Harry Potter. I think I am going to explore this idea and look at how I could make books come to life.

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