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Monday, 25 October 2010

My Nans Family Photographs

 This weekend I went down to my Nan's and looked through her photographs that were just in a box, here are some of the older ones of her as a child. Top row, left to right, my Nan and my Great-Great-Grandmother, Granny Hoy, my Nan as a bridesmaid in the 1940's, my Nan aged 18 with her younger brother Peter on holiday, and my Nan with her parents when they came to visit her in Glostershire when she was evacuated from London during the war. Below is a picture of my Great-Grandmother, Rose Martin, with my uncle Trevor in the early 1950's in London. Some of these photographs are postcard photos while some of the newer ones are paper ones. They are all small examples as it was too expensive to have larger ones and my Nans family was from North London and quite poor.

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