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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Party Project.

The Party Project this week was a fun project, my group were set the BIOLOGISTS PARTY to create. We all starting thinking about Charles Darwin and decided to focus on him as a sort of theme. We stuck up diagrams of dissection and plants and we even stole a tree branch for some decorative foliage!!! 
For our costumes we all made our own, I made a bow tie out of a red plastic bag and a mustache using Cotton wool pads and double sided sticky! Of course the outfit wasn't complete without a checked shirt, waistcoat and over sized spectacles! ;) 
Our chloroplast extract (limeade) and Darwin's Brew (Gin dyed blue) went down well even if Beth did make them a little strong! 
A really enjoyable project and I really liked seeing what the other groups had done, particularly the "Party without any guests" blocking up their party! Great way to get to know the second years, should be fun again next year! 

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