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Monday, 25 October 2010

Silk Screen Induction + Idea

This is a bit late but last week I had a silk screen induction and I used a Victorian silhouette as my image, with the idea to do my own of my own family members. Silhouette's were put into albums just like photographs and kept safe for families to look at. Here is the test samples I did. I really like the process and results and think I will use this machine again.

My idea for my project is to make and album that goes through the different photographic processes, from silhouettes, to Tintypes, to card De Viste, to black and white, to colour, to Polaroid, to digital prints. But with my family as the subjects in all of them. Thinking about the idea of keeping photographs special and that modern photographs should be in albums as well as old ones, showing the years of development in the photographic process and the composition and style of photography.

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