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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Collodion Process

In the library and on the Internet the only process i can find to make Tintypes or Ambrotypes (onto glass) I then cant find the main chemical Collodion, after asking my brother who does Chemistry he said that Collodion was a compound so it would probably have a longer name. The only other option unless I can find a way to make them is to buy a kit, there seems a reasonably priced kit that says it fits in any camera and so I assume would produce what are called Gem Tintypes, (small portraits that are then mounted onto Card de Viste) on this website; http://www.rockaloid.com/products.html#tintype
So I have been trying to think about other ways of producing the look of a Tintype and while this could be experimented with silk screen printing and perhaps etchings and copies its the actual process I am interested in.

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